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Extraordinary in taste, tenderness and flavor.

For home chefs and foodies who want the highest quality black angus burgers. Be a ready-to-grill master with eight 8 oz burgers, made from 80/20 black angus chuck.

Raised in the Midwest, Braveheart angus beef burgers ship flash frozen to your door. Load up with toppings, sauces and melty cheeses.

Customer Reviews

"The Black Angus Beef Burgers from Braveheart maintained their size, thickness, and juiciness way better than other burgers that normally shrink up on me."
-Paris V.

"Best burger. Quality, taste, performance. It’s just a better product. It’s a cut above. You can’t “kill” a Braveheart burger. You overcook other meat, those meats turn to carbon–chewy, not good. The consistency of Braveheart and the flavor keeps me a customer and a fan."
-Bill Blocher, Red Brick Station, MD

Quantity: 8
Size: 8 ounces each
Availability: In stock