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Blog posts of '2023' 'April'

Cowboy Steak vs. Tomahawk Steak
When most people think of sitting down and enjoying a delicious steak, they normally think of spending money on an expensive cut of meat. The fact of the matter is, you don’t need to break out the checkbook to have an unforgettable steak dinner. If you’re looking to have an excellent steak for your dinner, you have a variety of options to choose from. Two of the most popular steak cuts worldwide are the cowboy steak and the tomahawk steak. These two unique and mouth-watering steak cuts are time-tested favorites for many people that are sure to satisfy.
Crunchy Jalapeno Burger
This delicious burger features a juicy grilled patty made from premium ground beef, perfectly seasoned with salt and pepper for a satisfying savory taste. Topped with a slice of cheddar cheese that melts to perfection, this burger is loaded with crispy fried onions and tangy pickled jalapenos, adding a crunchy texture and a spicy kick to every bite.
Loaded Taco Fries
Introducing the ultimate comfort food - Loaded Taco Fries! Prepare for a fiesta of flavors with crispy golden fries, seasoned ground beef, melted cheddar cheese, and all your favorite taco toppings. Whether you're hosting a party or looking for a satisfying dinner, these fries will surely be a crowd-pleaser that will have everyone returning for more.
Steak Breakfast Skillet
Introducing our sizzling and savory Steak Breakfast Skillet - a hearty and delicious breakfast option that will satisfy your cravings and fuel you for the day ahead! This dish is delicious and a complete and satisfying meal that is perfect for breakfast, brunch, or any time of day when you need a hearty and wholesome meal.
New York Strip vs. Ribeye
For some, choosing what steak to eat is as simple as choosing their favorite soda from a vending machine. They know exactly what they want each time, and hardly ever stray away from that decision. For others, however, the choice can be a little harder. Sometimes, you don’t know the qualities that make steaks different from each other. This makes it hard to pick the ideal steak for your preferences.
Steak & Chili Trompetti
Experience the delicious flavors of succulent and tender fillet steak with a rich and flavorful tomato-based sauce infused with spicy chili, sweet honey, and tangy Worcestershire sauce. This recipe is perfect for impressing your guests or treating yourself to a delicious and satisfying meal at home. It's easy to follow, and in just a few simple steps, you can create a restaurant-quality dish that will surely be a crowd-pleaser.
Porterhouse with Red Wine Reduction
This dish features perfectly grilled Porterhouse steak topped with a rich and flavorful red wine reduction, made with a combination of red wine, beef broth, balsamic vinegar, brown sugar, and sautéed onions and garlic. The sauce is simmered until it thickens, creating a savory and decadent topping for the steak. This recipe is perfect for special occasions or a fancy dinner at home. It's easy to make but tastes like it came from a high-end restaurant.
Steak & Pear Salad
This grilled filet with pear walnut salad recipe is perfect for a quick, easy weeknight dinner or a fancy dinner party. The grilled filets are tender and juicy, with a crispy exterior from the grill. The pear walnut salad adds a refreshing and sweet contrast to the savory steak, making for a delicious and well-balanced meal.
Sun-dried Tomato Steak Pizza
This Sun-dried Tomato and Steak Pizza is a mouth-watering combination of savory steak, tangy sundried tomatoes, and melted mozzarella cheese on a crispy pizza crust. This pizza is perfect for any occasion, whether you're looking for a quick and easy dinner or entertaining guests. You'll love the combination of flavors and textures in every bite. Make it at home and treat yourself to the ultimate pizza experience!
Steak Pintxos
This delicious and easy-to-make dish is perfect for impressing your guests or indulging in a special dinner at home. It features succulent slices of sirloin steak, juicy cherry tomatoes, tangy Kalamata olives, and a dollop of creamy whipped feta. The result is a beautiful and flavorful dish that will satisfy your taste buds and leave you wanting more.