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Blog posts of '2022' 'September'

Mango Balsamic Steak Salad
ooking for a refreshing and flavor-packed lunch? Try this steak salad with mango salsa and homemade balsamic vinaigrette. Every bite is sweet and tangy due to the juicy mango and tart vinegar. Create this dish as a delicious side or light and airy lunch.
Beef Lo Mein
Ditch the takeout menu and save some cash by making your favorite dishes at home. This Beef Lo Mein is filled with flavor and is a perfect dish for the at-home chef. The flavors from Tender noodles, juicy steak, and a tangy sauce collaborate to create this addictive dish.
Skillet Beef Pot Pie
One bite of this dish will transport you to a five-star restaurant. Nothing is better than crispy, flaky, and buttery crust atop juicy Braveheart beef and tender vegetables. This dish is so easy to make and is like a warm hug.
Chili Lime Lettuce Wraps
This finger food is packed with spice and delicious flavor. These chili corn lettuce wraps are made with quality Braveheart black angus beef that is seasoned to perfection and paired with a blend of fresh, tasty vegetables. This is a perfect low-calorie meal option and is so easy to whip up.
Beef Bolognese
This delicious beef bolognese is created with ingredients you probably already have readily available. Tender angel hair pasta and tangy tomato beef sauce combine to create the most addictive flavor. To elevate this dish and create the perfect meal, try pairing it with freshly baked garlic bread and/or a glass of red wine.
Grilled Filet with Truffle Mashed Potatoes
Elevate your meal time with this luxury dish. Grilled Braveheart center cut filet is grilled to perfection and laid atop creamy, fluffy, truffle mashed potatoes with parmesan cheese. This dish is easy to recreate and offers a five star restaurant experience in your own kitchen.
Birria Quesatacos
These birria tacos will make you feel like a master chef. These tacos are filled with well seasoned roast that is slow cooked in a flavorful broth. This recipe requires time and love, but the results are so worth it. If you have never experienced the rich, delicious taste of birria tacos, you are missing out.
Roasted Garlic Ribeye Sandwich
This sandwich is packed with all of the best flavors. Juicy Braveheart ribeye steak is topped with roasted cherry tomatoes, balsamic caramelized onions, and is all held together with a homemade roasted garlic mayonnaise. This dish is the perfect way to elevate your lunch time.
Beef and Corn Chowder
This warm and hearty corn chowder is the perfect comfort food for a rainy day. It is made with quality Braveheart ground beef, spicy jalapeno, juicy bacon, and creamy corn. Pair this dish with warm, toasted bread and experience a meal that is impossible to beat!
Grilled Ribeye with Cilantro Lime Sauce
This recipe will make you feel like a professional chef. This cilantro lime steak has the most unique and delicious flavor. It is juicy, tender Braveheart ribeye with a tangy cilantro lime sauce. This is the perfect date night dinner and is sure to impress!