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About Us

For over a decade, restaurants and chefs across the country have known about the exceptional quality, flavor, and taste that Braveheart® Black Angus Beef offers. And now Performance Foodservice is excited to offer the same steakhouse quality offerings to home cooks, grill masters, and foodies across the country. Braveheart stands out from the rest because it was designed to exceed restaurant expectations for quality beef.

Why is Restaurant Quality Better?

For years, we have been honing our craft to ensure the best possible eating experiences at your favorite restaurants across the country. We spent time talking with chefs and restaurant owners, asking them about their “beef” with the other beef brands on the market, and what they were looking for in a premium line. They unanimously focused on four critical areas of importance: Taste, Quality, Trim, and Consistency. That’s why we focus on all four aspects of our steaks. In addition, Braveheart sets the bar in terms of industry standards for humanely raising cattle. Our unique PathProven® program enables Braveheart to deliver on all four—it’s our standard of excellence.


Whichever Braveheart cut you choose, the flavor is unparalleled. This is a result of our careful sourcing and processing, which is designed from start to finish to produce the best taste. Our beef is fed a 100% U.S. grain-based diet, and then is finished on Midwestern corn, which contributes to the beautiful marbling that produces superior flavor and tenderness.


Quality starts with sourcing. Braveheart comes from Angus-verified majority black hided cattle, which are known for producing beef with the best flavor and tenderness. In addition, our cattle are born on U.S. family farms and raised and fed third-party audited Midwest feed yards This ensures we always know where our cattle come from and that they are treated humanely. Braveheart cattle are transported 200 miles or less for processing, which puts less stress on the animals, adding to a more flavorful and tender meat profile. From start to finish, we stop at nothing to produce the best quality beef in a humane and responsible manner.


Many companies allow up to a 1-inch trim, which includes a buffer of fat, leaving end users with excess to trim off, increased waste and you end up paying more money for less meat. Braveheart specifies a ¼-inch maximum trim, and that’s our standard—no built-in buffers. Our beef is processed in state-of-the-art facilities by skilled craftsmen who focus on precision. There are no extra tolerances, so you get the true yield you are looking for and the premium quality you desire.


We ensure Braveheart Beef® consistency through our pioneering PathProven® program, which enforces exacting specifications to ensure premium quality. Our beef comes from lighter carcasses weighing an average of 850 pounds or less, which create ideal steak sizes, allowing you to easily establish precise cooking times and consistent plates. In addition, our packing facilities focus on slower line speeds, encouraging an emphasis on craftsmanship and ensuring uniform quality.


Happy steers mean better beef, which is why all Braveheart cattle are raised under the most robust farm-to-fork closed-loop program in the industry. This unique program focuses on animal welfare, sustainability, and food safety. Every year a third-party audit verifies that our feed yard partners are following strict Braveheart guidelines, such as providing proper feed and responsible use of medications. In addition, we have created industry leading specifications to ensure quality and humane treatment of animals. Cattle must come from no further south than Kansas, be raised with good handling practices, and transported less than 200 miles for processing to limit their time on trucks. The extra steps we take with our cattle reduces stress and yields flavorful, tender meat.

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